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About Me:

My name is Jolie Anna Brignac.  I am from Louisiana, born and raised.  My interest in photography started from a young age and I never lost that passion.  Now, I am beginning a new chapter in my life by starting my own business and I can't be more excited for my future.  Please feel free to browse through my webpage.  I like to believe that photography is like a time capsule, freezing your most precious moments forever.  Over posed photo shoots are not my style.  I like to keep photos light and airy, really showing my clients personalities.  I love my job and I love having fun doing it.

"I run on Caffeine, CHAOS, and Cuss Words "

P.S I know I need at least one professional photo of myself (duh, right?). But for now, here's one from 2 Christmases ago with my niece and nephew

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